Battery analysing

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We can analise your battery for free at our shop to tell you how much life you have left in the battery dont get caught out!

We can also analise your alternator to make sure its not the battery and your changing the correct part!


Car Diagnostics

Most modern cars now come equipped with multiple elctronic sensors with a brain of a car called the ECU which monitors and control nearly every aspect of the modern vehicle. A problem in one of these systems can bring up various warning signs and affect other systems within the vehicle. For example on some vehicles an ABS sensor failure can bring up an ABS warning light and stop the speedometer working.

At All Car Electrics we have the diagnostic equipment to interpret and print out the fault code that is causing these annoying warning lights.

We can, on many occasions, reset the system and return the vehicle to normal operation. This usually requires the identified fault to be repaired first.

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Charging Systems (Alternators, Dynamos, Control Boxes, Regulators)

Fuel Injection Systems (Sensors, Coil Packs, Injectors)

Engine Control Systems (ECU)

ABS Control Systems (Sensors, ECU)

Batteries (Charging, Testing, Discharging)

Airbag Systems (Sensors, Steering Wheel (Clock Spring), ECU)

Let us plug in your car and check what is wrong with it !

Call us today on 01903 202140 to book your vehicle in

24hr Mobile Tyre Fitting

We offer an emergency mobile tyre fitting service 24 hours a day. Call us on:

  • 01903 202140
  • 01903 786464
  • 07928 078332

After 5pm and at weekends (call out charges may apply)

Why Choose Us

  • Unbeatable prices
  • New Tyres
  • TPMS
  • The very best brands
  • Tyre fitting at garage
  • Tyre fitting at home or workplace
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