We suggest that you check your tyres regularly, preferably every week. You should fully examine the tyres for tread depth, tyre pressure, tread damage and side wall damage. If after checking the tyre you are unsure if they are fit for use please contact us on 01903 202140 and we will be happy to provide some expert advice.

If you are worried about any aspects of your car’s tyres, please call in and ask for a FREE tyre safety check.

Tyre pressures

Ensuring your tyres are inflated properly will extend your tyres life span, ensure they are safe to use and will also reduce fuel consumption.

What is the right tyre pressure?

Your vehicle manufacturer will specify what pressures the tyres should be inflated to, you can find the recommended pressures in your vehicle hand book. It is your responsibility that the recommended pressures are maintained. We therefore recommend checking your tyres pressures on a regular basis.

The main reason you must keep tyres to the recommended pressures is driving safety. Under inflated tyres can result in over heating and over inflated tyres can adversely effect vehicle handling.

Further more over inflated tyres will suffer more wear and will therefore will not last as long. Also under inflated tyres increase resistance meaning that more fuel is needed to maintain speed.



147 reasons to consider fitting winter tyres

                               tyresafety winter_02With winter well and truly upon us, TyreSafe is encouraging motorists to consider fitting winter tyres, which are the safest option when the temperature drops below seven degrees celsius.

According to figures from the Met Office, temperatures fell below this crucial marker during prime commuting hours on 147 separate days between the beginning of October 2011 and the end of March 2012.

Winter tyres offer safer motoring because they have been specifically designed to cope with conditions such as snow and ice, but also more everyday circumstances faced by motorists, like cold and damp roads. For more information visit TyreSafe.

Tyre labelling rolls out


  Undoubtedly one of the biggest changes to affect the tyre industry in recent years is tyre labelling.

To help consumers understand what the labels mean, TyreSafe produced a short online video featuring everyone’s favourite crash test dummy Mr McIntyre, which is available to watch on its website TyreSafe.

Meanwhile, for tyre retailers a suite of campaign materials was made available, including posters and an information leaflet, also available to download from TyreSafe’s website.


24hr Mobile Tyre Fitting

We offer an emergency mobile tyre fitting service 24 hours a day. Call us on:

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After 5pm and at weekends (call out charges may apply)

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