Caravan Tyres

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Caravan tyres can become overlooked because they look like they have a load of tread but actually where they have been sitting more than going round they weaken on the sidewall. Taking a caravan to a garage can become a lot of hassle but with Extreme tyres mobile service, theres no need we can come to where ever your caravan is (driveway / storage / site, etc...)

Checking your tyres before your trip!

Before any trip make sure you look carefully for signs of aging and damage including cuts, lumps, embedded objects and cracks in the sidewall.

Tyre pressures!

Correct tyre pressures on all tyres are essential for safety and stability (caravan and towing vehicle). Incorrect tyres pressures are more likely to suffer from a blowout which can cause loss of control of the vehicle and potentially cause accidents. Having the correct tyre pressure will pro long the life of the tyre by ensuring even tread wear and increasing fuel economy. If tyre are under-inflated the force needed to make tyres turn is greater, this means that the engine needs more fuel to work harder. Always check your tyre pressures before each journey and you should always do thsi when the tyres are cold. Please refer to handbook if you are unsure of your caravan tyre pressure (psi). If you need more information please dont hesitate to contact us.

Free Safety Check

If in doubt, as for your FREE, no obligation visual safety inspection from our tyre fitting specialists. The check only takes a few minutes and helps you stay safe on the roads


24hr Mobile Tyre Fitting

We offer an emergency mobile tyre fitting service 24 hours a day. Call us on:

  • 01903 202140
  • 01903 786464
  • 07928 078332

After 5pm and at weekends (call out charges may apply)

Why Choose Us

  • Unbeatable prices
  • New Tyres
  • TPMS
  • The very best brands
  • Tyre fitting at garage
  • Tyre fitting at home or workplace
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