Below is some examples of tyre damage.


Tyre Damage

Damage due to pot holes or maybe hitting kirbs.


Tracking Out (Alignment)

This is caused due to tracking out which can be sorted at most garages.


Camber Wear

Excessive wheel camber has caused damage to this tyre.


Tyre Bulge

Bulged tyre due to impact damage .


Illegal Tyre

This tyre has gone beyond the legal limits of 1.6mm and is a very dangerous tyre.

Types of Tyre


Symmetrical Tyre

This is a symmetrical tyre wich means its the same both sides can be fitted either way.


Assymetrical Tyre

This is a asymmectric tyre which means it has a inside and outside.


Rotational Tyre

This is a rotational tyre which means it has to be in direction the way the car is moving

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